The National Autism Educator’s Association

The National Autism Educator’s Association (NAEA) is a non-profit national membership organization completely dedicated to the support of former, current, and future educational professionals working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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Our Mission

To Empower, Inspire and Celebrate Educating Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

To Empower

The National Autism Educator’s Association exists to empower current, prospective, and former educators as well as affiliates with knowledge and resources needed to flourish in today’s classroom. Our member’s only section contains dozens of downloadable lesson plans, trainings via Power Point Presentations, as well as links to outside resources. Knowledge is power. Information and resources are unlimited for our members. New information, lesson plans, trainings and resources are added daily.

To Inspire

The National Autism Educator’s Association exists to inspire educational professionals. Finding inspiration within classrooms throughout the country is one of the biggest joys within or organization. Teaching is both an art and a science, carried out by the most dedicated and inspiring professionals our nation has to offer. We seek to inspire our members by sharing cutting edge technological approaches to instructional delivery, accommodations and modifications within the classroom, differentiated instructional lesson plans, current research and relevant news stories from all areas the country in order to enhance both the art and science of teaching.

To Celebrate

Having spent years within the classroom, it can be personally attested to how joyous it is when students meet their goals. What may seem minute to some can be significant cause for celebration for others. At the National Autism Educator’s Association, we love celebrating the accomplishments of children on the Autism Spectrum throughout the country! Academic, behavioral and emotional growth needs to be celebrated at every turn.
Our foundation, The Autism Education Foundation raises awareness and funds in order to better the lives of children impacted by Autism by providing grants to teachers celebrating the accomplishments of their amazing students. Grants enable educational professionals to continue to practice the art and science of teaching in the manners resulting directly in academic, behavioral, and emotional growth in individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum & co-morbid disorders.